Thursday, March 03, 2016

Rubio loses the Fox primary (Fox has a primary!)

A lot of people are talking about this story about how Fox News has decided that it will no longer support Rubio's presidential campaign.

Can we just step back for a moment and acknowledge that Fox News is not even pretending to be an actual news organization anymore. No one commenting finds it remarkable that the organization is openly acknowledging the fact that it supports particular candidates over others.

For a while Fox insisted that it was a channel that reported actual news and not just ideological based reporting  (remember "fair and balanced"). Even when the channel's obvious bias was evident to everyone, people still were willing to pretend that Fox delivered news rather than partisan propaganda. While its bias was somewhat acknowledged, it would be framed by an argument like "yeah but everyone is biased" or "sure Fox leans right, but CNN/MSNBC leans left." Neither of those channels, nor any of the non-Fox network news operations, ever have chief executives who openly talk about which candidates they will support and which ones they won't. They don't do it because that would violate their perceived neutrality and cut into their credibility as news journalists.

Fox is no longer pretending that its purpose is to deliver news, nor does it give a shit about its journalistic integrity. Fox's turn away from Rubio is not surprising  because the channel's denial that it was nothing but a propaganda factory always rang hollow. We have all gotten so used to Fox as a right wing echo chamber that we have forgotten that it ever was supposed to be anything else.