Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to Blog Guilt

I just noticed that I haven't posted here in a while, at least a while for me. I tend to post when I feel like I have a point to make that is bubbling within me, trying to get out. I guess there just hasn't been much bubbling in the last five days. Also, the posts that are currently on the front page here are all pretty long, which meant that, even with my non-posting, that blank space that I am obsessed with has still not appeared on the lower left.

Anyway, it wasn't a posting hiatus or anything. I just had other stuff going on. Also, everyone must listen to Welcome to Night Vale, all 86 episodes as of this writing. It is the bestest podcast ever. It has an ongoing story, so you need to listen to it from the beginning. That gives you about 36 hours of stuff to do if you are looking to ward off the ennui of postless days here at Rubber Hose. I bring this up, because I saw their live show last night and it was amazing.

And by a total coincidence, this post should push the left content down a bit more, saving me from further blog guilt for a while. Suck on that non-existent-blank-space-to-the-lower-left!!!