Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Trump's lack of self reflection is going to be a problem for him

This makes total sense. Trump is very perceptive about the weaknesses of others. He zeroed in on the weak points of his various primary opponents and eviscerated them one by one.

What he is not good at is seeing his own weaknesses as a candidate. So of course as he looks at Hillary Clinton he sees her relatively high unfavorability numbers and concludes that she is an easy mark. But he can't see that he can't see his own much higher unfavorability numbers. Nor does he see that once he steps outside of the pool of GOP primary goers, he comes across as a not-so-bright race mongering demagogue who has no way of dealing with female opponents without coming across as a horrific misogynist.

In other words, Clinton has some real weaknesses as a candidate, but they are dwarfed by Trump's enormous weaknesses in the general election. While he can see some problems with the Clinton candidacy, Trumps inflated ego makes him completely blind to his own bigger problems. That in itself will prove to be another major weakness for his candidacy.