Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Two thoughts on Cruz dropping out

Was that the shortest vice presidential candidacy ever? Yes, yes it was.

I feel a little sorry for John Kasich. He doesn't have a chance, but there have been plenty of candidates in this race who never had a real chance. And yet, when Ted Cruz drops out of a three person race everyone is like, "It's over. Trump is the nominee!" Trump was pretty clearly the nominee before yesterday, but because Cruz was still in the race people were willing to pretend there was a real contest. So why won't everyone pretend for Kasich? I figure he will either drop out soon too, or he will slog on, insisting he is a credible challenge to Trump while everyone else ignores him. Unless Trump starts attacking him. He will get attention if he is savaged by Trump. But otherwise Kasich will soon be forgotten whether or not he is technically still in the race.

UPDATE: Well that settles my prediction about Kasich. Poor dude. He spent his entire campaign far behind arguing that all he needed to win was a two-person race with Donald Trump. And he got that two person race for barely 12 hours before he decided it wouldn't work.