Monday, June 13, 2016

The Third Party Candidates Predictions

I'm not sure why I am so intent on making predictions that will probably make me look stupid later, but I just can't resist:

1. I predict that Gary Johnson is going to get a larger percentage of the vote than Jill Stein in the general election.

2. I predict that Johnson will get a large enough percentage of the vote in at least one state which is greater than the difference in the vote between Clinton and Trump and thus if Clinton wins that state, people will say that Johnson threw the state to Clinton.

3. I predict that Stein will not get a large enough percentage in any state for anyone to argue that she threw that state to Trump.

4. I predict that even if you count all the electoral votes in the thrown states under #2 and 3, they won't be enough to make a difference in terms of who wins the presidency. (As an illustrative example: Let's say that Clinton wins Utah with 45% of the vote to Trump's 40% to Johnson's 14%, but Clinton will win the presidency by a greater margin than by UT's 6 electoral votes, plus all the EVs from any other states that were thrown to Clinton)