Friday, June 10, 2016

Vice Presidential Candidate as a Presidential Farm Team

I'm convinced that the person a candidate picks for Vice President has little-to-no effect on the outcome of the general election. I know it's common wisdom, but I just haven't seen any evidence that is the case and it is easy to come up with counter-examples of how a VP pick did not deliver the promised benefit. (For example, Romney-Ryan lost Wisconsin, Ryan's home state)

Instead of thinking about how a potential VP pick might help the ticket in this election, candidates should think instead of the VP slot as a farm team for future presidents. 14 former VPs later became president (5 were elected and 9 became president after the president died or resigned). Another 12 ran for president and lost. That's 26 former VPs who either became president or tried. Considering that there have only been 44 presidents, it is pretty likely that any VP will be a future presidential candidate and/or president.

Instead of looking for ways to generate votes in this election, the focus should be on finding a promising young up-and-comer who might make a good candidate a decade or more from now. I realize the democratic bench is thought to be thin, but that's just among the people who everyone already knows. Pick someone who most of us never heard of. If it's someone with good potential, what better way to give a talented unknown national exposure? Forget about Sanders or Warren, Clinton should pick someone who I have to look up.