Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Blog Forecast Rhymes with Bawesome

Hey, I'm back from Minnesota!

Wait, did I ever mention I was going to Minnesota on this blog? Err, well, maybe I never brought it up here but I was. And now I'm not anymore. Anyway, I'm back here at Noz Central again... for like two whole days. And then I'm going to poke your nose (or something like that) and that's an even shorter trip, plus maybe I'll post more on that one than I did on this one.

In any case, I'm not sure if my blogging will continue to be as irregular as it has been, or if newer and greater things are just around the corner. I don't ever have any overarching plan with this site. I just rant about the stuff that seems rantable at the time of the ranting. So your only rational choice, as a reader, is to constantly check back here to see if something new and exciting has appeared, and to continue doing so compulsively even as I continue to disappoint you. You know, keep those hit numbers up while I'm off goofing around! Also, I might actually write something really interesting. You never know, so you're gonna have to keep checking.