Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Quadrennial Convention Post (this time with caps!)

Whatever few longtime readers I have left will not be surprised that I am not watching any of the political conventions. You know, like I said back in ought-fourought-eight, and ought-twelve.

For a while it looked like something might actually happen at the RNC this year (unlike every other recent political convention), but then the #NeverTrump forces crumbled and instead of a something, they put on a shitshow. Admittedly, the shitshow itself has a certain so-awful-I-can't-look-away appeal. But even that wasn't enough to get me to tune in. And now we are on to the DNC, which is more like a regular convention, which is another way to say too uneventful to watch.

It is fun to watch the detritus of political spectacle as they wander past me on the streets of Philadelphia this year. But otherwise, I still don't get why these things draw any significant ratings. Who would want to sit down and watch hours of what is effectively an over-produced political commercial? Apparently, nearly everyone in America but me.