Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The GOP in the post-Trump world

It is fascinating to watch pro-Trump friends on Facebook, who for years were rabid enforcers of the standard party-line Republicans, suddenly decide that the Iraq War was a mistake, that NATO must be abolished, and to be critical of trade agreements. They are adopting so many of Trump's views that diverge from what had previously been Republican orthodoxy, I wonder how long before one of them says something nice about single payer health insurance.

I really wonder what the long-term effect of the Trump campaign will have. I'm assuming that Trump will lose (not a sure thing, but pretty likely IMHO). Will Trump mania pass and all the GOP true believers will go back to their former orthodox positions? But it's hard to back down from such a public pronouncement. So will they instead incorporate some Trumpisms into a new Republican orthodoxy, changing the party from this point forward? And if so, which Trumpisms will make it into the new canon and which ones will they ditch?