Monday, December 19, 2016


I guess I forgot to do a Kazakhstan Independence Day post on Friday. There are a handful of days each year that I have developed a tradition of posting about. I don't calendar them or anything, but they are all days I know I will remember on my own. But because I don't post about all of my personal holidays, just some of them, it is not surprising that I will sometimes forget to do the post. I really should calendar them. It's a small miracle that I ever remember to post about any of them.

Anyway, I totally remembered KZ Independence Day (the Kazakhstani flag is still flying in front of my house as it has since Friday), I just forgot to Rubber Hose it. Happy quarter century, Kazakhstan! (Maybe not so happy thirtieth anniversary of the Zheltoqsan incident.) Happy seven years from the day we left for KZ and six years from the day we came back! Or at least happy three days late.

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