Monday, December 12, 2016

Lesson for the new era

Our President elect is a shameless lying grifter. While he can be manipulated by using his vanity and desire to be popular, he gets defensive when directly criticized and is not going to be pressured into doing anything he does not want to do.

But that's not true of other members of his party. In the past few days, Mitch McConnell has been savaged by reports that he covered up the scope of Russian manipulation of the U.S. election prior to the vote. If you look at comments on social media over the past few days, any time McConnell's name is mentioned, there are calls of "traitor" and demands he be prosecuted for selling out our country. (See e.g. the recent comments here) It is made worse by the fact that McConnell's wife was offered a cabinet position. After a weekend of criticism, McConnell broke with the president-election and suddenly backs a bipartisan investigation into Russian interference with the Presidential election.

While Trump is shameless and may be immune to the normal methods that can be used to pressure a politician, we can focus the heat on Republicans in Congress if we want to limit the damage wrought by a Trump administration.