Monday, January 09, 2017

Hey look over there, a big battle

It is interesting just how little coverage there is of the current battle over Mosul in American news sources. I realize that foreign news often gets short shrift in the U.S. and Trumplestiltskin keeps saying mean things about celebrities on Twitter. But the offensive to retake Mosul is getting less coverage than even the Assad-Russian offensive against Aleppo a few weeks ago, which is odd because:

1. The U.S. military is directly involved in the Mosul operation, while it was not involved in Aleppo.

2. The Mosul offensive is against ISIS, America's current Hitler and a group that ordinarily has no problem getting outsized coverage for anything it is even remotely involved in.

3. The U.S. sunk a lot of resources into Mosul during its occupation of Iraq and before ISIS took the city. I don't know how many Americans served in Mosul,1 but I bet its a pretty substantial number and I would also bet that a whole lot more Americans have been to Mosul than have been to Aleppo.2

1- Like my brother, for example.
2- I am the weird counter-example of an American who has been to Aleppo but not Mosul. Actually, come to think of it, my brother is an even weirder counter-example of an American who has been to both Mosul and Aleppo. But he spent a lot more time in Mosul than Aleppo and I bet most, if not all, of the soldiers he worked with in Mosul never set foot in Syria.