Thursday, January 05, 2017

Silver linings

I understand that people are frightened by the prospect that Trump might gut American intelligence services just because they have voiced a conclusion about Russian interference in the presidential election that he does not like. The intelligence agencies are supposedly keeping their collective eyes on bad guys and foiling plots to blow shit up and stuff. We don't know the extent they do that good stuff, but we trust they are doing it. So if Trump cuts their budget, demoralizes their agents, or otherwise limits their abilities, there is a fear that they won't be able to do as much good stuff and shit will start blowing up.

On the other hand, I was personally worried about what would happen once Trump got his hands on the CIA, NSA, and all those other acronyms. But if Trump hates those agencies and views them as his opponents, then at least he won't use them to further his abuse of power.