Monday, February 06, 2017

Rogue Seven

I realize the guy is not exactly the pinnacle of accuracy, but it is strange for Sean Spicer to dismiss the Federal Judge who imposed the nation-wide injunction against the #MuslimBan as a judge that went "rogue." By my count there have been seven federal judges who have ruled against the ban so far.

Judge Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York imposed a temporary injunction against detaining people under the order. (Obama appointee)

Judge Burrows of the District of Massachusetts also imposed a seven day injunction against the executive order. (Obama)

Judge Brinkema of the Eastern District of Virginia issued an injunction prohibiting the administration from removing people from Dulles airport under the executive order. (Clinton)

Judge Zilly of the Western District of Washington blocked the deportation of two people from Seattle. (Reagan)

Judge Robart of the Western District of Washington then issued the nation-wide injunction against the Executive Order. (W. Bush).

Over the weekend Judges Canby and Friedland of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Trump administration's request for immediate relief from the stay. (Carter and Obama)

This does not mean that the ban will definitely fall when it is fully litigated. But Spicer and the President can't portray this the Executive Order's legal troubles on the actions of a single rogue judge. Seven judges who were appointed by five different presidents have all dealt the order setbacks in court.