Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thought Experiment

Trump will only be impeached if the Congressional Republicans think that Trump in the Oval Office is doing them more harm to their agenda than the hit their brand would take during the impeachment process. It might happen because they could at least tell themselves they would end up with Pence, who is much more of the kind of Republican the Congressional leaders are than Trump is.

What if Trump saw that coming, fired Pence, and replaced him with someone who the Congressional Republicans hated just as much? What if Trump replaced Pence with Bannon or some other breitbartian flame-thrower? Would that just get more Congressional Republicans to turn away from him, or would it be an effective insurance policy against impeachment (and also removal for incompetence under the 25th Amendment, because that process has to be initiated by the Vice President)

If we assume that Trump actually wants to remain president, would that be a savvy move? Is Trump smart enough to think of something like that?

ADDING: Never mind. See the comments. I wasn't thinking. Trump can't fire Pence because Pence was elected. Pence can either resign or be removed involuntarily through the impeachment process. Trump doesn't have control of either.