Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making long distance air travel suck more, but at least more consistently

I thought and still think that the original laptop/iPad ban on flights to the U.S. from a selection of Middle Eastern countries was stupid. (As I said before, it just seemed to be "a ham-handed effort to give a competitive advantage to U.S.-based carriers posing as an anti-terrorism measure.") But if you're going to impose a stupid rule like that on flights originating from one part of the world, you might as well impose the stupid rule on flights from other places.

The ban is still stupid no matter where it is enforced, but at least U.S. carrier fly to and from Europe. So this would at least take away the carrier-based discrimination angle of the rule.

Also, I wonder how long before flights from Africa, South America, and East Asia get their own ban. There aren't that many direct flights to the U.S. from Africa, so I guess that would not affect very many passengers. But if it hits the East Asian routes that long haul over the Pacific is going to seem even longer.