Thursday, May 11, 2017

Watch the President's response to a tax question meander from his first 100 days to NAFTA to "South Korea" (when he meant North Korea) in one short paragraph, all without ever answering the actual question

There's lots of "this guy is a total moron" moments in this interview. But for some reason, I particularly like this one:
You’ve talked about reciprocal taxes. Do you imagine that with lots of countries on lots of products or is that a negotiating tool?
No, I think it can be conceivably with lots of countries. The thing that’s bad about the hundred days is, I said the other day, I said, “When do we start this negotiation?” They said, “Sir, it hasn’t kicked in yet” because it goes with [Robert] Lighthizer, who’s our, you know, our representative, who I think is going to do a very good job. I said, “You must be kidding.” So it’s a real deficit. Now that’s a NAFTA thing. Because everything in NAFTA is bad. That’s bad, everything’s bad. But in the case of South Korea we have a deal that was made by Hillary Clinton, it’s a horrible deal. And that is the five-year anniversary and it’s up for renegotiation and we’ve informed them that we’ll negotiate. And again, we want a fair deal. We don’t want a one-sided deal our way but we want fair deals. And if we can have fair deals our country is going to do very well.
It is also entertaining when Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House communications director Hope Hicks jump in and try to make the President's answers make sense.