Thursday, July 27, 2017

The ban that wasn't

Trump impulsively fires off a series of tweets announcing that he is banning the transgender from the U.S. armed forces. But the joint chiefs of the armed forces release a statement that there will be no change in policy regarding transgender service members because the change in policy didn't arrive through the normal chain of command.

So right at this moment, transgender are allowed to serve in the armed forces, but, thanks to the high profile tweets, the general public doesn't think they can. I predict Trump won't actually issue a ban order through the normal chain of command. I mean, why would Trump bother? He got what he wanted out of the announcement already. Everyone in the country was appalled by, cheering, or at least talking about his announcement.

I don't think Trump cares about transgender issues at all either way (although I know people in his administration, like Pence and Sessions do). All he wants is to be the center of attention and to appear to be making some decisive move. That's what most of the country thinks he already did. I don't think he cares enough of about the actual policy to make it really happen.