Thursday, July 27, 2017

RoguePOTUSStaff throws a tantrum because impeachment didn't happen like the uplifting movie in their heads

I used to be unsure whether the @RoguePOTUSStaff twitter account was real because their tweets did not seem to be from staffers who were old-school Republicans offended by Trump's divergences from orthodoxy. More recently, I have become increasingly convinced that the account is real. Just watching how they pick fights with critics and their swipes at Nancy Pelosi for the same reasons that my conservative friends do, has convinced me that they do seem to be actual conservatives. This latest tweet, along with the manifesto it links to has clinched it for me.

The idea that Trump would be removed from office just because of the events over the past few weeks is incredibly far-fetched. There are very few precedents for impeaching a president (really three, two presidents that were impeached but acquitted and one that resigned just before he would be impeached). All three took a whole lot longer than six months. While I agree that Donald Trump is a uniquely awful president which should get the powers-that-be to move things along even faster, that doesn't change the basic truth that the process itself is a slow process. I'm not just talking about the time it takes to pass articles of impeachment and then to have a trial in the Senate. I'm talking about the fact that impeachment, as a practical matter when the president's party controls Congress, requires either members of the President's own party to turn against the president or a mid-term election to give the opposing party control of Congress. Both of those things take time. A lot more time than the six months that Trump has been in office, and certainly more time than has passed in the two weeks since the Don Jr. email was released. (Railing that Nancy Pelosi has a secret agenda to keep Trump in power to help with her fund-raising is completely absurd, and really is besides the point.)

The weird irony about those RoguePOTUSStaffers on this issue is that they are completely against the one fast way we have to remove a president: the 25th Amendment. I agree that the 25th Amendment scenario is a lot less likely than impeachment and probably will not happen. But if you want fast, that is the fast way to go.