Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Will Toomey vote to cut PA's health care dollars? (hint: of course he will)

One of the features (bugs?) of Cassidy-Graham is it effectively transfers federal health care dollars from blue states to red (while cutting those federal health care dollars overall). So what does that mean for Pennsylvania, the purple-trending-blue-but-then-red-in-2016 state?

I looked up the study by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (pdf), the study that the articles noting the blue-to-red money shift all seem to cite. It estimates that PA will lose $525 million in federal funding under the bill. That's a big number, but really blue states like NY and CA lose a lot more ($22 billion and $35 billion, respectively).

I wonder if the fact that he is robbing millions in health care dollars from his fellow Pennsylvanians will get our troglodyte senator Pat Toomey to actually oppose this bill? I'm guessing, no, and I'm guessing he will vote for it under the assumption that the $525 million is all coming from Philadelphia, where people already all hate him.

(No wonder he won't show his face in this town! Or, at least not since he accidentally came to Drinking Liberally years ago. But that was before he was a Senator).