Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pat toomey drops in on philadelphia drinking liberally

it was oddly appropriate considering all the specter talk tonight.

so the philadelphia drinking liberally group had its weekly gathering. then john went to the bathroom. when he came back up he said "i think pat toomey is eating downstairs."

"where?" someone asked.

"down the stairs, first booth" said john.

i had to confess that i didn't know what toomey looked like. but i googled up a picture on my iphone and then volunteered to scout it out.

"it definitely looks like him" i reported back. brendan raced down the stairs to talk to him. i followed a few minutes later, introduced myself, shook his hand and asked if i could take a crappy photo of him with my phone. here it is:

then i left him alone with brendan. john got this photo of them together:

meanwhile i took a photo of his limo and driver checking the meter:

we should have invited him up to the bar. but i think after talking to brendan he just wanted to eat his burger in peace.

ADDING: here's john's version of the story, and atrios' and mithras'. and here's the clog post and ray's got more pictures.

...and, of course, brendan's account of the conversation.