Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How's that for speedy service?

I think I have finally fixed the disappearing Disqus comment link issue that has plagued this blog for at least the past six months, and possibly as long as the last four years.

Let me know if the problem comes back and you can't leave a comment by leaving a comment.

ADDING: Oddly, no comment link appeared on this post after I published it. All the other posts on the front page have a comment link. Just not this one. Maybe the link will appear later. The good news is the comment field is still there. You just have to click on the date stamp to get to it. I'm not sure if I will be able to fix this problem today. Maybe I'll figure it out after another four years.

1-2 HOURS LATER: And the comment link has appeared. It looks like what I accomplished today is making it so that the comment field appears on all posts that are older than an hour or two. Hey, that's still pretty good! Much better than having the ability to comment wink on and off seemingly at random. And remember, even if there is no comment link, you can get to the comment field and post a comment just by clicking on the time at the bottom of the post or on the post title. Newbies won't know that trick, so consider it a special benefit for my long-term readers. Ya'll (yes, both of you) get a 1-2 hour head start in any discussion.