Monday, November 13, 2017


If I were responsible for deciding where some business's advertising dollars went, I would never decide to advertise on any political program, or even any newscast. It doesn't matter if you try to spread your advertising dollars around so it goes to programs that cater to both sides of the political system. Once you put your money behind those shows, you are a potential consumer boycott target. And once that happens, your brand is basically screwed, at least in the short term.

For example, after Sean Hannity defended Judge Moore's pedophile scandal, Media Matters pushed its boycott list for companies that adverse on his show, and Keurig (among others) pulled its advertising. That generated a backlash, so now Keurig is trying to walk it back. But it can't. If it goes back to advertising on Hannity's show, that will put it back on liberal's boycott list (and worse, it will stand out from that list, as it will be the only company that un-did its own boycott of the show, making it an even bigger target ). But if keeps from being Hannity's advertiser, it will be boycotted by conservatives. At least until everyone gets outraged about something else and forgets about all this stuff, Keurig can't win. It would have been better off if it never decided to advertise on Hannity in the first place.

But it is not just Hannity. The same thing could have happened on any other news show. Eventually, advertisers might realize it isn't worth advertising on any news channel.