Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What about special hooks for employees to hang their light sabers?

I thought the whole idea behind autonomous cars is you don't need any infrastructure for them to work. One big benefit for cars that drive themselves is they can just ride on existing roads as they currently are. You don't need to build some new mag-lev track, or special lanes on the highway.

That's one reason the FoxConn demand is so ridiculous. Another one is the fact that truly autonomous cars have not been invented yet. There's a lot of excitement and optimism (some insist over-excitement and unrealistic optimism) that self-driving cars will come soon. But they haven't come yet. Until they do, we don't know for sure that they will really work anytime soon. It is still possible that the self-driving revolution won't occur for the rest of my lifetime.

If FoxConn is going to insist on special accommodations for made-up technology that hasn't arrived yet, they might as well be asking for special air lanes for employees arriving by jet pack. What about teleporter receiving stations?