Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Maybe I can't get that coin after all

Several people have written about how the White House is selling a coin commemorating the US-North Korea Summit that hasn't even happened yet (and might not happen).

I went to the White House Gift Shop web site to get one for myself. Sure, it's tacky, it broadcast the administration's desperation for the summit's success (which is a bad idea going into negotiations), it's overpriced, it will benefit a bunch of corrupt grifters, it honors a horrible human being who doesn't respect human rights and has no commitment to democracy (it also honors that horrible North Korean leader), et cetera. But I am convinced that after the summit goes down in history as a total embarrassment--either because it never happens, doesn't go anywhere despite a lot of hype, or leads to a terrible deal for the U.S.--this coin will end up being a phenomenal collectors item. In ten years I bet it will be worth a lot, if nothing else than as a kitschy reminder of that awful Trump period.

But if you find the coin on that web site, it doesn't have the photo from all the articles. Instead, it says "photo coming soon" although it looks like those words were pasted over a photo of the above-pictured coin. The web site also says that the coin won't ship until July 31, 2018.

(click to embiggen)

So where did the picture of the coin that is in all the articles come from? Was that picture formerly on the White House Gift Shop site, but was pulled because of all the mocking articles? Also, is the fact that it won't ship until the end of July mean that they will cancel the order if the summit does not happen or turns out badly?

One thing I am fairly sure about, if the order does cancel, I bet I won't get my money back.