Sunday, February 10, 2019

when the dog catches the car

So what happens when they find the leaker?  Do they fire him/her, thereby giving the person an even bigger platform for inside dirt as every news outlet wants all the dirt the former insider can dish out now that he/she doesn’t even have to hide what he/she is doing? Do they keep the leaker on staff and try to cut off access, even though that probably won’t work, and the leaker could always just quit and hit the tell-all circuit just like in the first scenario? Do they try to enforce the non-disclosure agreement they made everyone sign, even though the NDAs are all probably unenforceable because they violate the First Amendment and if this one leaker’s NDA is struck down it will send a loud message to everyone working for the president that the NDAs are not any real barrier to making millions off of the cable news circuit?

I understand why the Trumpies really want to find this leaker, but I wonder if they have any clue about what to do if the search is successful or have thought about how almost anything they do will probably backfire.