Monday, February 11, 2019

Shutdown 2: Electric Boogaloo

The last government shutdown ended after TSA absences started disrupting flight schedules. It took more than a month to get there, but once we did and the Trump Administration was facing even worse flight disruptions if the shutdown continued, the President blinked and a temporary funding measure quickly sailed through.

Two weeks later, it looks like we are facing another shutdown. If it does happen again, I wonder if the TSA workers will wait that long to start calling out sick en masse. The last shutdown just happened. If our stupid president is willing to do this again so soon after facing a political bloodbath from the last one, how long will he continue to shoot himself in the foot with a new one? Individual workers are still feeling the economic pain from the last one. Can they afford to miss even a single paycheck right now?

If another shutdown happens at the end of this week, I think some of the frays in the system we saw at the very end of the last one will happen a lot sooner. I wonder if essential employees won't try a large-scale sickout in the first weekend. (And if they do... both Mrs. Noz and Noz Jr. are scheduled to fly this weekend. I think the shutdown won't happen until the very end of Friday, so they will make it out. But when they try to fly back on Sunday?)

ADDING: I think this opinion piece by the President of the Flight Attendants' union supports my point in this post. The system has not recovered from the last shutdown yet, which is why she refers to the first day of any "new" shutdown as "day 36" of the shutdown.