Monday, February 11, 2019

When people say "due process" I wonder what process is due

Virginia Lt. Governor Fairfax won't resign and is calling for "due process." But I wonder what the appropriate process is. Fairfax says "everyone deserves to be heard" which is true, but haven't we heard from everyone already? At least we've heard the two accusers and Fairfax's denials. What is the process for adjudicating those claims? Virginia delegates have considered impeaching Fairfax (although they seem to have backed down this morning), so that would be a formal process.

Is that the process Fairfax wants? Is he actually calling for his own impeachment or is he making a vague reference to a phrase from the constitution to suggest the allegations against him are baseless so he should not be impeached? In other words, is he saying "due process" to avoid actual process?