Monday, March 18, 2019

Mueller or the worms?

This kind of observation has happened several times. Whenever the President really gets on a roll with a series of crazy tweets, commentators all say that "he must know something that has not become public yet that is causing this outburst."

Is there any reason to believe that's true? Because this has happened several times, can someone look back at the history to see if Trump's crazy twits correlate with stuff we later found out he knew about even if it wasn't publicly known at the time? After 2 years of this guy, with several unhinged tweetstorms under our belt, we should be able to get some actual data to test this often-trotted-out hypothesis.

Maybe it is true maybe it is not. To me, it seems just as possible that the spikes in crazy are just symptoms of Trump's personal mental decline, and not external events. The brain worms, if you will...