Sunday, August 04, 2019

True story

Yesterday morning (or maybe I can call it "today" because I haven't slept yet since this happens), I was running errands with Noz Jr. and he started asking me questions about Germany. Noz Jr. knows a lot about Kazakhstan (KZ is a big part of our life), but not much about Germany. What he does know comes from books and movies that mention World War II.

"The war there was over a long time ago, right?" he asked me. "Yes," I said. "Is it safe now?" "Safer than the U.S." I said. "Why?" he asked. "Because regular people can't get guns there, not like the U.S. They don't have big shootings Germany like there are in the U.S." Later he told his mother he wants to move there when he grows up, because he would not have to worry about mass shootings.

So today seems like a good day to spend a little time in Germany.