Friday, August 30, 2019

Why aren't more rogue nations buying Trump flowers?

I don't know why every country with serious issues with the U.S. isn't clamoring to have its leader meet one-on-one with President Trump. All you need to do is invite him to a nice meeting, roll out the red carpet, and spend the entire meeting stroking his ego. That's all it takes for Trump to do anything you want.

Want a nuclear program and relief from sanctions? Just put up with a 2-day summit of public ass kissing and you will have Trump firmly in your pocket. Trump is very easily played and he is willing to completely reverse himself just because someone pretended to be his friend. Look at North Korea! Trump went from "rocket man" and "fire and fury" to "falling in love" with one brief meeting. Kim Jong Un didn't even have to change any of his brutal policies. The fact that NoKo was firmly in the public's mind as an evil regime didn't matter either. Honestly, if they could do it anyone can.

For a while it seemed that adversaries like Iran were trying to wait out Trump. But really they should be rushing to take advantage of him before he goes away and America gets a leader with an actual spine.