Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Trump wages war against the U.S. economy for the cause of xenophobia

This has got to be my most updated post ever. I have probably updated it an average of once per month over the past two years. It is a handy list to have the next time some Trumpy claims that Trump is only restricting illegal immigration. (And I'm my list is probably not complete. The Trump Administration has been clamping down on legal immigration so much, I am sure I missed something.)

Honestly, this last restriction is a new level of crazy if you give any shit about the U.S. economy. What is the point of preventing foreign executives of multi-national corporations from transferring to the U.S.? Or barring the spouses of those foreigners who do get permission to work here? If I were an executive of a multinational corporation, that seems like a good excuse to close or downgrade the U.S. office. I mean if it is possible to have your entire executive team together in Berlin, but not New York, that New York office is not going to be as useful anymore.

Not that anyone is going to want to come to the United States of Corona anytime soon.