Thursday, August 30, 2018

Trump is going after people LEGALLY in the U.S. just as much (if not more) than he has gone after the undocumented--UPDATED!

Periodically I have gotten into arguments with Trump supporters about his racist attacks on foreigners. The Trump supporters often claim that the Trump Administration is only targeting the undocumented, not people here legally. ("It's just about the illegals! Obey the law and there won't be a problem!"). It you pay any attention, that is complete horseshit. Here is my list of Trump's immigration proposals or actions that target people legally in the country:

The "Muslim ban" in all its various forms barred or attempted to bar legal immigrants to the U.S.

The proposal to eliminate the diversity visa (i.e. "the visa lottery") is a proposal to end a form of legal immigration.

The reduction of the number of refugees allowed to be admitted to the U.S. is a restriction on legal immigration. [9/18/18: Adding better link when final cap was decided]

The end of temporary protected status for Hondurans, Nepalis, Salvadorans, and Haitians were all restrictions on people who had been legally admitted into the U.S.

The proposal to restrict visas for family reunification (what Trump calls "chain migration") is a restriction on legal immigration.

The directive that fleeing gang violence or domestic violence are no longer grounds for asylum is a restriction on legal immigration.

The policy of refusing entry to people trying to claim asylum at the border, which is a legal avenue for entry to the U.S., is a restriction on legal immigration.

The reduction in the number of H1-B visas is a restriction on legal immigration.

Trump's Denaturalization Task Force, which seeks to take citizenship away from U.S. citizens and then to deport them is a restriction on legal immigration (and targets not just legal aliens, but U.S. Citizens)

The decision to deny U.S. passports to people with Hispanic surnames who live near the border is a restriction on people lawfully in the U.S. (and again, targets U.S. citizens)

I didn't list DACA because people argue over its legality. But if you believe (as I do) that DACA was a lawful use of executive authority, add the phasing out of DACA to the list as well.

Did I miss anything else?