Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Will they use it?

While Republicans may have squandered all their leverage in the stimulus negotiations by doing nothing for months, will the Democrats use their increased bargaining power to take advantage of it? Democrats are so used to negotiating from a position of weakness that seems to be their approach to everything, no matter what the actual bargaining positions are.

Democrats could say "we passed our plan in May," your plan is grossly insufficient. If you don't include our priorities, which are the things we need to keep the economy afloat, you risk going into a presidential election with control of the Senate hanging in balance during an economic collapse.

Instead, I bet the Democrats will decide they have to pass something so they will take the GOP bill, make some small almost entirely symbolic change, and agree to that. The economy will still collapse, as our service based economy which has been running on fumes from the enhanced unemployment benefits will suddenly run out of fumes, local governments and schools will face drastic budget cuts just as their expenses are skyrocketing to deal with the pandemic, and the Dems will whine that they wanted to do more but those meanie Republicans wouldn't let them.