Friday, July 24, 2020


It is hilarious how the GOP has been trying to figure out its stance on the stimulus bill but they can't call it a "stimulus bill" because the party completely demonized the term when the Obama administration was pushing for fiscal stimulus during the great recession.

In any case, the Democrats have already passed their version of the bill. So once the Republicans figure out what they are doing, the real negotiations will start. There are five things I think need to be in the final bill and here they are my order of importance:

1. Aid to State and Local governments, including but not limited to, public schools.

2. Continue the $600/week unemployment benefit enhancement.

3. Tons of money for COVID testing and tracking.

4. Bail out of USPS.

5. Moratorium on foreclosures/evictions.1

I'm sure I forgot something. What obvious thing did I miss?

1-Not sure if this would be found to be constitutional because foreclosures and evictions are under state law. But Congress could condition aid to States to the state passing a foreclosure/eviction moratorium.