Tuesday, January 20, 2004


so the iowa primaries happened. as a solidly anyone-but-bush person (although occasionally i waiver into an anybody-but-bush-or-lieberman person. i just hope i don't ever have to choose between those two) the whole drama of the kerry upset doesn't really bother me. i see something i like and dislike in all of them and, i think, all of the "major" candidates (except maybe lieberman--but maybe that is my anti-lieberman bias speaking. on the other hand, i'm not sure if he qualifies as "major") could beat bush if the democrats got their act together. i just have my doubts that the dems will get their act together. i could vote for any of the top three candidates in iowa last night. it is also good news the gephardt is dropping out. the field needs to narrow.

so while many of my fellow members in the liberal coalition are lamenting today, i basically see last night as a sign of progress. if nothing else, we are at least finally making the first steps towards the end of this endless primary season. deaniacs should take heart that iowa has a fairly bad record at predicted the eventual democratic nominee (clinton placed third in iowa in '92, as did dukakis in '88). the emphasis on this caucus is more a symptom of how screwed up the whole primary system is than anything else.