Tuesday, June 01, 2004


the washington post's article "Iraqi Caretaker Government Takes Temporary Authority" starts with the following sentences:
A new caretaker government, carefully apportioned among Iraq's religious and ethnic groups, assumed temporary authority from the Iraqi Governing Council Tuesday after a month of wrangling.

The U.S. appointed council then dissolved itself.

let's review: after saddam's government was removed, the u.s. created the iraqi governing council (IGC) to have temporary authority over iraq. today, the IGC dissolved, to make room for the "caretaker government." the caretaker government will only have authority for the month of june 2004, until the transition to the "fully sovereign" government on june 30th. of course, the post-june 30th government itself will only temporarily hold power until another government can be elected in january 2005.

put another way, the u.s. established a temporary iraqi government last year, which has now dissolved and turned over power to a second temporary government, which was formed to be in charge over the next month before it can hand authority to the third temporary government that will form on june 30th. that temporary government will only hold power until elections are held next year.

3 temporary unelected governments in a year? who comes up with this stuff?