Saturday, November 27, 2004

no crossing

i was going to do my first cross post with eschaton yesterday when i made this post (just to catch that smallest of the small minority--people who read my site but not atrios'. a group probably comprised entirely of my friends who, for whatever reason, are not even visiting eschaton this week when i am guest posting. some friends they are!).

but eschaton takes a long friggin time to post compared to what i'm used to here. the blogger instructions say the longer the post the bigger the wait. such is the difference between publishing on a site with 640 posts and one with 13,566. because i'm not used to posting taking so long, i always get impatient and hit reload or the publish button a second or third time (or sometimes more) whenever i try to post over there. so when my eschaton posts finally do appear, they are always double or triple posts and i have to go in and delete each one. this has happened every single time i have published there. but even knowing that i still can't resist hitting that reload button a couple of times when my computer seems to do nothing for the first 30 seconds after i tell it to publish a post.

the long and short of this rather pointless story is that yesterday i wrote my post just before i was supposed to leave for a party. but the post took an unsually long time even for eschaton and so i fiddled with the publish and reload button more than i should. when i finally got it to appear, 4 copies had published and all the links didn't work. (i originally wrote the post on a word processor which had inserted curley quotes which don't work the same as regular quotes in html) so i had to manually go in, delete three of the duplicates and fix the links. by the time i was done, i was totally sick of fighting with blogger and, in any case, had to run off to the party.

thus the cross post never happened. now i have time to do it, but don't feel like it. so if you want to read it, follow the link at the beginning of this post