Thursday, February 10, 2005

random thoughts barely passing for today's blogging

okay, i guess i lied in the "blog tomorrow" bit in the title of yesterday's post. except now that i'm blogging this i'm not lying anymore.

the thing about being out of the office all day for a hearing is that there's always tons of crap waiting on my desk when i get back. which is kind of my excuse for not blogging earlier today. except why exactly do i have to come up with an excuse for doing my job instead of this hobby?

there is a disease vector racing towards me. i can see it coming. yesterday i spent the day sitting next to a person who had an 102 degree fever. when i came home last night, mrs. noz told me that her classes were plagued with absenteeism because of illness. at one point she asked the class how many of them currently felt sick, felt like they were getting sick or were just getting over an illness. about 1/3 of the people who were not already absent from her class raised their hand. this morning my wife's temperature was 101.

my classmate from arabic class called me a few hours ago to say she was too sick to make it tonight. at least that's one less person who can potentially infect me. i'm beginning to feel ill just by thinking too much about whether i feel ill. and then i look at the mound of work on my desk and think about how a day in bed doesn't actually sound that bad after all.