Wednesday, February 02, 2005


one thing i have enjoyed doing ever since this site passed it's one year mark is look back at my entries from one year ago. i was never much of a diarist. i keep journals whenever i travel alone, but aside from that a day-to-day record of what i am thinking about is mostly alien to me. so i find it endlessly facinating, in the way that most navel-gazing is, to read what i wrote about here one year ago or the last time some regular event happened.

so i just read last year's state of the union address post. this year is a little different. i don't have arabic class tonight and it's not an election year. but otherwise, last year's post still pretty much sums up what i think about this year's SOTU address.

like last year, i don't plan to watch the address on tv. personally, i think they're hard to sit through no matter who is president. i will probably read the full text of the speech tomorrow though. for some reason i feel obligated to do that. maybe that's not fair to the president--these speeches were meant to be heard not read. on the other hand, bush is so bad at public speaking, i suspect i am really doing him a favor.