Thursday, February 03, 2005

vegas baby, vegas!

i'm off to las vegas tomorrow afternoon. maybe i will have a chance to post tomorrow earlier in the day if things are slow, but when i left the office today things weren't looking slow,. i guess it's also possible that i might post from vegas. i'm bringing my laptop with me and if my room includes free wi-fi it is a possibility. i guess all i'm trying to say here is: (1) don't be mad at me if i stop posting, and (2) don't stop checking back here and make my hit numbers drop because i might just post after all.

i've always suspected that i would hate las vegas. i've never been there before but it's never struck me as my kind of place. at the same time, i feel like i should see it. last summer i mentioned this to a friend of mine. he saw it basically the same way and so we are meeting there this weekend, along with a third friend who heard about the trip and wanted in. i'm saving my vacation time at work for someplace i actually want to go (i.e. syria), so this visit is going to be really quick--in friday, out sunday morning. by the time i leave i will be there barely more than 36 hours. most people i know will barely notice i've gone.

there are a few things i really want to do there, like the liberace museum and the star trek restaurant. i've always wanted to be served fajitas by a guy with a bunch of latex on his face. somehow i suspect that's not a possibility in damascus