Friday, September 30, 2005


yesterday was a particularly crappy day. i spent most of the morning recreating a document i wrote over the summer and then lost completely when my computer crashed in august. i really don't remember much about what the document originally said, much less what went on at the hearing it talks about.

in the afternoon, i left my office to drive into the wilds of new jersey to attend a meeting. i didn't get out of there for almost six hours. when i finally did it was about 13 hours after the beginning of my work day. i was exhausted, but at least i could finally go home.

during my hour-and-one-half drive home i was riding on my least favorite interstate (I-76) when the brake lights on the SUV ahead of me suddenly went on and the vehicle came to a complete stop. i did too. but not before i slammed into the back of it. the SUV had minor damage on its bumper. my car had a smooshed front hood. no one was hurt, et cetera. it could have been a lot worse day than it was. but it still sucked.