Saturday, December 31, 2005

another crunch

i can't believe i'm stuck doing this again.

for the third year in a row, it's just before new year's and i suddenly realized that i need an hour of ethics CLE credit before the year ends or my law license will be suspended. this is the closest i've ever cut it too. two years ago, i watched the online video with a good 8 hours to spare. last year started the video a whopping 27 hours before the end. right now it's about 12 hours before midnight, but i am leaving town in about an hour and a half.

unfortunately, i don't think i'll even get a good post out of this year's ethic's video. unlike last year, i couldn't even find one that didn't sound mind-bogglingly dull right from the start. i picked the one called "mirage"--a video about alcoholism among attorneys. it features soap-opera quality acting and an embarrassingly melodramatic intervention. like all of these "classes" the lesson can be summarized in one sentence, but they have to stretch it out over an entire hour to make sure we get our one hour of ethics credit. is there any wonder that i always leave this to the last minute?

but i've got to stop putting this off to the very end each year. maybe i need an intervention