Thursday, December 15, 2005


i was poking around google news to survey the coverage of today's iraq vote. seeing all the headlines from different news sources lined up next to one another was really facinating. it's fun to see the different spin even as each source is essentially telling the same story.

for example:

1. Scattered attacks fail to disrupt big Iraq vote

2. Sunni turnout strong in Iraqi elections; explosions disrupt voting in Baghdad

3. Large and Largely Peaceful Iraqi Voter Turnout Today

4. Explosions as Iraq votes

5. Heavy Sunni Turnout Is Reported; No Large-Scale Attacks by Rebels

6. Terror fails to keep Iraqis from polls

7. Iraqis cast their ballots in historic election: Voting extended because of high turnout; scattered violence reported

8. Huge blast as Iraq kicks off vote

does anyone else notice a pattern with these 8 headlines?

(ADDENDUM: dammit! some of the headlines have already changed behind the links. you're just gonna have to trust me that this is what they used to say)