Wednesday, January 25, 2006


hey, speaking of santorum (i just wrote the update to the below post)...

i don't know how many of my readers are from philadelphia, but the 12th street gym is really a fixture in this city's gayborhood. the gym is owned by robert guzzardi. guzzardi, it seems, has already donated over $4,000 to the santorum campaign, a fairly large amount considering just how early this is in the campaign season.

now obviously, guzzardi can legally donate to whoever he wants. i'm not saying the contributions violate any campaign finance laws (i have no idea if they do or don't). but santorum is widely known as one of the staunchest opponents of gay rights in the senate. i wonder if the customers of the 12th street gym realize that some of their dues money might be ending up in the campaign coffers of senator "man on dog."

(via email from hydromuse)