Tuesday, January 31, 2006

vampyre arrysted

via golden boy from the comments, i learned that my favorite vampyre candidate in the minnesota governor's race has been arrested. apparently, the state of indiana had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. doh!

GB seems to think this means the end of his campaign. but i'm not sure if it does. eugene debs ran for president from his prison cell, so why can't jonathon "the impaler" sharkey? i actually don't think this hurts his chances at all. the odds that he will make it to the governor's mansion are exactly the same as they were before his arrest. he probably won't lose any votes from this at all (unless felons don't have the vote in minnesota. if he's disenfranchised that could knock out a substantial percentage of his support)

besides, no mortal cell would be able to hold a true vampyre. unless the bars are made of garlic or the jail is surrounded by a line of salt, he should be flying back to minnesota as soon as he gets a chance to turn into a bat. fly sharkey fly!!!