Sunday, May 21, 2006

i'm back!

and most of you didn't even know i was forth

it was my weeding anniversary last weekend. actually, this is the weekend mrs. noz and i decided to celebrate our anniversary because i'm skipping out to a feminist science fiction convention next weekend while mrs. noz meets assorted family members in pennsylvania al-woosta.

in any case, we alternate years surprising each other for our anniversary (or, in most cases, our faux anniversary). this year she was the surpriser and i was the surprisee. i partly didn't mention that i was going anywhere here because i had no idea where i was going.

now i know and i'm just not telling. but it was a great weekend, even if it didn't quite involve a hot-air balloon (just a lot of balloon-related calls). i was completely out of touch though. there was no t.v. in our room (a very good thing, IMHO), no internet, no phone (my cell phone only worked if we left where we were staying and climbed a hill). i caught a glimpse of a newspaper this morning over breakfast, but that was about it.

we're back now. i'm probably gonna rather quickly go back to wasting a lot of time online, which means more posts will appear here. but first maybe i should get some of the shit i was supposed to be doing all weekend done.