Wednesday, May 31, 2006


today is mrs. noz's and my weeding anniversary. i mentioned when we celebrated it ten days ago and i've been debating whether i should post about it again today.

part of me thinks that anniversaries are none of anyone else's damn business. of all big days of the year, this always seems to be the one that the couple is quite capable of celebrating on their own. maybe they even prefer it that way. it never occurs to me to do anything for some other couple's anniversary. that's up to them. and i'm always a little surprised when we get an anniversary card in the mail this time of year.

so because i'm on this none-of-your-business kick, i considered not mentioning that today marks the ninth year of my marriage at all on this site. besides, the first time this date rolled around after i started blogging i wrote something flippant and then got shit for it later. why risk it this year?

but it is my anniversary today. i can't get around that. it just seems strange to pretend it's not. even if it is none of your damn business, on this day nine years ago mrs. noz and i got married, which is still the best thing i've ever done in my life