Wednesday, May 10, 2006


just as this site got more attention than it ever has before, i got too busy to write new posts that would have any chance of wooing some of these strange people into rubber hose regulars.*

our office is moving this week. i'm hoping to post again soon, but it can be hard to keep up your law practice at the same time that you're cleaning through your office and labeling everything.

today was a long slog, but i think i'm in good shape for tomorrow. i just can't wait until our phones stop working here. then i'll really be able to get stuff done.

* that is, assuming i want more regulars. i enjoy the attention, but i'm also a little scared of it. and i like having a small enough crowd so that i feel like i basically "know" all the folks who regularly hang out here. that being said, all are welcome. this footnote is just my own ambivalence about blogging speaking.