Tuesday, November 28, 2006

look out! bio agents see through glass!

why do we have to move away from the windows if there is a threat of a biological agent-based terrorist attack? about 20 minutes ago the loud speaker in my office announced that the city of philadelphia had informed the building of a "biological threat" and had ordered the building to institute its emergency procedures. the announcement instructed us to move away from external windows and not to leave the building.

so we all gathered in this big room in the middle of our floor and discussed how stupid it was as we waited for the all clear. later they announced that it was just a drill (surprise!). they never explained why a room in the middle of the floor is any more secure from a bio-attack than my office near the window. the window doesn't even open. at least they turned off the ventilation system. that made some sense.

these drills don't do anything but make you feel like you're doing something. i can't wait until they finish building the comcast center so i won't be in the tallest building in the city anymore. maybe then people will be less fretful.

yeah, right.